“For what I’m doing, there’s probably more here than most places in the world. I really, really love the camera I use. The image through the camera is upside down and backwards. No immediate gratification as with digital…a certain kind of anticipation is always at play-it makes you think.”

Jeffrey Serusa grew up and currently lives on Martha’s Vineyard.  He has been photographing nautical and scenic life on the island for more than ten years, and in 2005 began showing his photographic work at the Granary Gallery. His best known image, “Seasmoke,” features the beloved ferry Islander steaming into Vineyard Haven Harbor on a January morning when the temperature had dipped to 4° F and the wind was howling at 45 miles per hour. Ice crystals appearing as clouds of opaque smoke rising from the chilly waters give the moment a dreamlike feel.



Jeff works primarily with large format wooden cameras as well as medium format, and shoots only film. All his works are printed in-house using high-end giclée printers on both canvas and German watercolor paper, some as large as ten feet wide. Framing is done in house as well using only high-grade archival materials, which insure a long lasting work of art. Each edition of giclée is limited, signed and numbered.